Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu

There is a lot of buzz lately about the H1N1 'Swine Flu' "pandemic". I got Curiouser about this new trendy disease (similar to the 'bird flu' scare of past years), and decided to do some research. What is swine Flu? according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Its a flu Virus that rarely spreads from Pig to Human and from Human to Pig, then of course from human to human and so forth. Most of these cases are common among pig farmers and people who are around pigs a lot. 'Swine Flu' is just a nick name for this particular strain of flu, made up because many of the test samples showed genes that are most common in pigs. There are 286 confirmed cases of the 'Swine Flu' in 36 states, and only 1 death, with only 1 case in Utah thus far (the death was not in Utah). I think the odds really are in our favor according to the CIA website ( there are 307,212, 123 (July 2009 est.) people in the united states, so out of over 300 million people there are only 286 cases of the flu, I'd say that's a good thing. of course there are those people that out of a million to one odds are that one that will get sick, but thank goodness there are ways to prevent catching or spreading the Flu.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, then toss the tissue
  • wash hands often especially after coughing or sneezing and before preparing food
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as that is how the virus can sneek in
  • and avoid contact with sick people
I think that these are things that we do anyway right so its more of a common sense thing. Stay heathly!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The History Of Shoes

Shoes. I love shoes. But do we ever stop to consider the history behind them?
There is so much to learn about the shoes you are wearing right now! Of course I cant go through all the histories of every kind of shoe, but I’ll tell you about my favorites.

One of my favorite pairs of shoes and the shoes I get the most compliments on are my modern style spectator shoes. The history of the spectator I personally thinks is pretty interesting, being made popular by a duke, WOW!! That’s a pretty cool and fashionable shoe. The spectator shoe was claimed designed by the famous boot maker John Lobb, as a cricket (a game similar to baseball, in England) shoe, in 1868. The spectator shoe is most notable for its two tone color, usually black and white, but other colors are common. The spectator is usually a wingtip shoe but can also be classified as a cap shoe and even loafers. They were most popular as dressy sport shoe, after the duke of Windsor adopted them. Spectators were most popular in the 1930’s and 40’s and lost some of their favor in the 60’s, but lo and behold made a come back in the 1990’s as retro. The spectator is one of my favorite shoe styles. To me this shoe says “I’m responsible but quirky and fun.” this shoe can be worn with so many different kinds of outfits, casual and dressy. it’s a very versatile and comfortable.

Then on the other side of the high heeled shoe spectrum is the stiletto heel. Even the name sounds dangerous. The stiletto heel is a long thin heel on woman’s shoe or boot. The stiletto heel is named after the stiletto dagger. (ooh, spooky) the phrase was first mentioned in the 1930’s. stilettos shorter than two inches are called kitten heels. Now, not all long slender heels get the honor of being a stiletto. The original stiletto heel of the very early 1960’s were no more than five millimeters in diameter(slightly thinner than your pinky finger.), for most of their length and sometimes flared at the tip . Sadly in the late 60’s the stiletto heel was pretty hard to find, because of the way the heels were mass produced. Although there were some plastic heels with metal tubes inside that imitate the stiletto they will never be able to match the slender line or strength of the metal stemmed stiletto heel. It was only a matter of time till popular demand brought it back. The stiletto heel is probably the heel that does the most for your legs, although they are very tiring to wear for any extended period of time.

Then there is the ever trusty sneaker. Sneakers are probably the shoes with the longest history, way back in the late 18th century people wore plimsolls, but they were probably pretty uncomfortable seeing as there wasn’t even a right or left shoe. Around 1892 a US rubber company came up with a more comfortable rubber sneaker with a canvas top. They called them “Keds”. when 1917 rolled around they began to be mass produced. They got the name sneakers because they were so quiet, someone wearing they could easily sneak up on someone else. Since then there have been tons of different kinds of sneakers made for all different types of activities. It’s interesting to imagine that such a universal shoe can started out as a humble piece of rubber with canvas fabric on the top.

We wear shoes with every outfit that we have in our closet, and probably don’t think about the wide history that every shoe holds. It’s like a mystery on our feet.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Drivers Ed

I firmly believe that the only reason for Drivers Ed is to make the teenagers so afraid to drive badly that they will never make a mistake. I watched a rather shocking video for my Drivers Ed class that made both my mother and I jump as we watched. Several people and animals were hit by oncoming trains. really there can't be a point to watching those kinds of things, not to mention that Drivers Ed is a complete waste of my braincells. Well that's enough venting for today.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The new year is finally here! this year I will finally turn 16! (approximately 4 months, 2 weeks and 6 days from now. . . . . not that I'm counting) I haven't ever really made any resolutions before this year, but I have so much I need to accomplish I thought I might as well. these are a few

  • Get a job
  • finish drivers ed and get drivers license (no matter how awful the high school is going to be about it.)
that's just a couple of the most important ones.
This year is going to be the best!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hearts and Hands Award

Yesterday I was in bed when my sister brings me the phone, (nobody ever calls me on the home phone anymore, i always use my cell) and on the othern end of the call was someone I never would have suspected. It was the CEO of the company that i volunteer for. He called to tell me that he had nominated me for the Hearts and Hands award, at the time I had no idea what that was, so I didn't realize how huge deal it is, others that have been nominated for this same award include the Huntsmans and Larry miller and his wife. It is a huge honor for me to have been consedered for such an award.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first passport!!

Today I am going to get my first passport so my family and I can go down to tji juana this november after my moms AFCPE (association for financial counsilors planners and educators.) conference. i can't wait! I've never ben out of the country before. this will be amazing! I dont really know what is in tji juana but apperently its all about drinking and shopping. Haha! I am still way behind in school work becase my internet was being tempermentle yesturday so i really need to get some done.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

september, 23rd, 2008

Hey! I haven't posted in a while, because I couldn't remember my password XD. HAHA!! not a whole lot has happened since the last time that i posted.
My mom got a new job with the DOD (Department Of Defense) and she loves it! she has been gone for the last few weekends, but we dont mind 'cause she stays home more often.
My sister has been getting really sick in the mornings for some reason and we don't know why but she seems to be getting better.
My Big bro, is the same as always. He bought us a Wii, and we have been playing it a lot. I never really got into vdieo games but this is a lot of fun, even my mom is addicted. its crazy!
Since the last time that I posted one of my closest friends has moved away. it's hard but i still talk to them so it's okay.
Volunteering is really great! I love it! I have recently been helping the volunteer coardinator with making some phone calls, it one of my favorile things to do. I love it here. I think that I might spend more time here than i do at my house.
Right now I'm reading Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, its really good. I bought the entire Jane Austin collection and plan to read them all by the end of the year. they are a little hard to read because of the lod english but once you get into them it is a lot of fun.
Quote of the day
"An educated man is not one who has trained his mind to rememder a few dates in history, He is one who can accomplish things. If a man cannot think he is not an educated man regaurdless of hoe many collage degrees he may have obtained. Thinking is the hardest thing that a man can do, witch is probably the reason we have so few thinkers."
-Henry Ford